8 Superfoods you should be eating for healthy, shiny hair

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We all want our hair to have that healthy, shiny glow. We tend to think it’s hard to achieve the look without introducing a bunch of products and chemicals into our routine. But, did you know you can affect the overall health of your hair just by changing your eating habits? Let’s take a look at eight foods your hair will love – and you’ll love the way your hair looking and feeling great !

  1. Nuts

Nuts are great for many health aspects, from the strength of your heart, to providing healthy fats to your body. It’s that fat, oil, and vitamins and minerals that can keep your hair shiny and glowing, especially in dry, winter months. Try walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds for an extra shine. If you experience thyroid problems (that can lead to hair loss), give peanuts a try.

  1. Salmon

Just like most nuts, salmon is filled with healthy fats, and omega-3 fatty acids. Build up the shine in your hair by eating this protein-rich fish weekly. Your body will thank you for it!

  1. Dark Leafy Greens

Leafy greens like spinach can help to improve circulation, which in turns, strengthens your hair follicles and allows you to grow more hair. If you have to deal with hair loss or thinning, eat as many greens as possible. They have dozens of additional health benefits, to boot!

  1. Olive Oil

Again, olive oil falls under the ‘healthy fats’ list. Not only is it great for cooking and heart health, but it can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment to lock in moisture, and protect your hair from damaging chemicals.

  1. Carrots

Most of us know carrots are good for our vision, but they can also help hair to grow. Carrot oil can help with split ends, and dry, damaged hair. You can make your own at home, or purchase the essential oil at a natural foods store.

  1. Whole Grains

Whole grains help with more than just fibre and digestive issues. Whole grains contain vitamins and minerals like Zinc, Iron, and Vitamin B – all three are essential for hair growth and strength. Skip the white bread, and go for something more nutritious if you want silky, strong hair!

  1. Eggs

Serve up some eggs for breakfast tomorrow! The protein in eggs strengthens your hair, while the natural source of fat gives it a beautiful shine. You can actually make a quick ‘egg hair mask’ from egg yolks and olive oil, rubbing it into your hair and leaving the application on for several moments before rinsing away. The mask will protect your hair from external damage, and lock moisture in – it can also promote additional growth!

  1. Yoghurt

Yoghurt contains a ton of protein. That will help to strengthen your hair and help to prevent hair loss. But, it’s also rich in Vitamin B5, which increases blood flow. That can help to promote additional hair growth. Say goodbye to weak, thinning locks!

As you can see, the choices we make in our everyday diet, and how we use the natural foods around us as ‘beauty’ products can make a big difference. You don’t need a ton of chemicals to give your hair the healthy glow it deserves. Instead, go the natural route.


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